In From the Cold

In most  homes the television occupies the focal point of the living area. Sociopetal in nature, in many cases the furniture points towards it, as  the screen surveys its domain. I have seen books, computers, gaming consoles, stereos, the telephone, even  photo albums sitting seemingly dejected as if competing  for attention, in an all too often lost battle

So  I ask myself what is the television? Well, in computer speak, it is a device  that runs a single application for streaming media. A few plugins like the video and tivo add functionality and allow it store content. But  basically the tv is a one trick pony. Content is provided by  broadcasters who either commission , or provide it in-house and deliver it on a schedule. Meaning they determine what content is available and when you get to see it.  Admittedly due to competition from web media, some broadcasters are making content available online without a schedule.

Hmmmmmm! This means that the television broadcasters are sending content away  from the principal viewing device.  So where are we supposed  to watch this content?  On our computers, mobile phones, smart televisions? Sounds like a lot of clutter and overlap.  And are we now going to have a new point of focus?

What  if we could bring other media in from the cold to share center stage with the television?  This means the same screen could be used for displaying photo content, video  conferencing, music, playing computer games, even reading books and listening to radio.  What if the video content  was expanded to include content beyond traditional broadcasting avenues, encompassing the Internet and streams such as YouTubeStupidvideos, and TED, or private content on media servers. This means you could watch what you like, when you liked. You could even have multiple  videos simultaneously on the same screen like in Back to the future  (useful when multiple sporting events are on at the same time, such as the Olympics).

The point is you get choose what you want to watch and when.

With the Spectrum Multimedia system you can do all this  and more and for a lot less than you might think.

Spectrum Multimedia provide a bespoke service  for the design installation and maintenance of our systems. Call on +44 20 81 80 70 70  and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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    this is great

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