Lost in Paradise


I was recently sent  on a job to Jamaica, to install a Spectrum Multimedia System, consisting of three media centers, a server, plus a VOIP phone system. From the air I wondered what awaited me under the lush greenery below. At Montego Bay's Sangster airport  I was met at the airport and taken to a guest house on the estate where the job would commence. I unpacked, freshened up and looked over the installation blueprints, again. I had built the system and configured the software offsite. It had been dispatched, delivered and was now awaiting my arrival, for installation.

                                                                                                     gigaset       Supermarine Print finish.indd

The server was a NETGEAR ReadyNAS NV+ 4-Bay chosen because of its small size and its Netgear  X-RAID™ patented technology, which ensures that data  stored on the system is protected.  This installation had 4x 1 terabyte hot swappable discs. I also brought along a set of  Netgear 200Mbps Mini Powerline adapters, if they worked,  would save a lot of cabling  and drastically reduce the installation time.

The VOIP system consisted of  4 Hybrid VoIP/PSTN Solution with 6 VoIP Accounts. The phones are robust and going by the feedback, well worth the money.

If it all went smoothly  and with a bit of luck I would have some time to myself, to explore  and take in some sights while my clients tested their new toys.  Thankfully,  that’s just what happened.

Jamaica is a green beautiful island.  I drove to  Negril on the west coast and checked into  a hotel on the 7 miles of sandy beach.  After 3 days of unwinding and recharging my batteries, I drove on to Ocho Rios (eight rivers).  That’s when I really got blown away.  As far as I am concerned, none of the Jamaican tourist adverts that I have  seen , do  her  justice,  because nothing prepared me for the breath taking  beauty that appeared round every corner. Driving through some of hills around Ochi I kept expecting to see fairies dancing behind the bushes. It was that beautiful. Waterfalls, rivers, winding roads around  picturesque hills, even the trees, especially the trees seemed steeped in character. I developed an instant appreciation of nature.  I visited a friend who lives close to the famous  Shaw Park Gardens (apparently Mick Jagger has a house closeby too).  Unaware of its existence before my visit,  it too was another stunner.

The tour got me thinking about gardens and what constitutes a good one.  I thought that it’s effect on the senses would be a good place to start. The ratings are on a scale of  1-10, and since we have 5 senses, a perfect garden could score a maximum of 50 points.

What I marked Shaw Park Gardens on were

  1. Taste : does the garden have fruits or produce and vegetables of anything that will stimulate the taste buds?
  2. Smell : Fragrance. Usually from flowers manure or whatever
  3. Touch : Could be  from the brusing of leaves, cushioned grass, waterfalls you can swim in
  4. Sound: The rustling of the leaves, the sound of water, birds
  5. Visual:   The aesthetics of the garden
  • TASTE: Shaw Park gardens doesn’t seem to have any fruit or produce any vegetables  (unless I missed something), Though there is a charge to get in which I suppose puts food on the table Score [2]
  • SMELL: Though there  are loads of flowers but there didn’t seem to  be much fragrance coming Score [2]
  • TOUCH: Shaw park is a tactile place with spray from the water falls,  and the brush of leaves against your skin Score [8]
  • SOUND: Very stimulating to your ears with the chirping of birds,  the gurgling brooks and waterfalls filling every aural space  is Score [9]
  • SIGHT: Visually it is very appealing  with the landscape on many tiers and paths leading to new surprises. The colours are  are appealing and the only thing that lets down are some of the fences and walls that give away the fact that this is not totally natures work. But then I guess that is exactly what a garden is man made Score [9]

So Shaw gardens scores a 32 out of a possible 50  and while I am talking of gardens why don’t you comment on any stunning gardens you have visited and feel free to describe and give it your scores based on the attributes listed  above.  I look forward to hearing from you soon use the comments space for your reviews.


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